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If you live in Los Angeles County California Being a Medical Assistant is a Smart Move

If You Live In Los Angeles County California Being A Medical Assistant Is A Smart Move
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According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS, greater Los Angeles County is the number one employer of certified medical assistants in the nation. In 2017, 89, 901—or five in every one thousand residents–in the area was employed as a medical assistant. Further, the BLS estimates that this field will continue to experience high levels of demand and expects that another 183,900 certified medical assistants will be needed nationwide by 2026. This number represents a 29% increase in open positions hiring managers will look to fill with certified medical assistants.
While the size of the practice or institution, their medical specialty if any, and geographic location can impact roles and responsibilities typically medical assistants complete administrative and clinical tasks. Medical assistants are of value to physicians’ offices, hospitals, outpatient care facilities, senior living centers, and other healthcare facilities. An added value of being a certified medical assistant is that the MA can look for employment that matches their interests. Love babies and children? Consider a maternity ward, obstetrician or pediatrician. Intrigued by the musculoskeletal system? Seek out an orthopedic surgeon. The options for medical assistants are limitless.
Medical assistants are high school graduates who enroll in an accredited medical career college where they earn a certification. Most medical assistant courses are completed in ten months or less. For many student’s tuition costs can be covered through financial aid or by applying GI Benefits.
Medical assisting is a stable and rewarding job within the healthcare industry that attracts all ages, genders, and experience levels. It is an ideal entry point for young people entering the workforce or for more seasoned workers seeking a new start. Either way, if you live in California you’re in the right place at the right time to reap the rewards that only a certification in medical assisting granted by an accredited medical career college offers.

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