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Why Medical Assistants are Important to Patients and Why this Job Provides Career Stability and Financial Prosperity

Why Medical Assistants Are Important To Patients And Why This Job Provides Career Stability And  Financial Prosperity
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Medical Assistants are both important to patients and a vital member of any medical team. In addition to performing a multitude of tasks, they also ensure quality patient care. Medical Assistants also support other medical staff members by performing both medical and administrative duties. 

It is interesting to note that over half of Medical Assistants work in private doctors’ offices, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS). The other half of Medical Assistants work in outpatient care centers, hospitals, and health practitioner offices. This field is expected to grow, by nearly 30 percent through 2026, ensuring job security and definitive career longevity.

Best of all, Medical Assistants are in great demand in a diverse range of healthcare settings. Since the baby boomer population is aging, there is an increased need for a wide array of medical services.This career also provides career satisfaction and financial prosperity.

Working as a Medical Assistant is very rewarding, as there is much opportunity to comfort and help patients. You can take vitals (blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and temperature readings) and take EKG tests; record patient symptoms and questions; explain exams and/or procedures; and collect lab specimens. Your responsibilities can also include anything from removing stitches to greeting patients as they arrive for their appointments.

A career, as a Medical Assistant, also provides you with a degree of flexibility. In addition to choosing the setting where you work, you can also choose the hours that you work and whether you wish to work part-time or full-time. Some Medical Assistants choose to work in two different offices (such as for two private doctors, or for one private doctor and at one outpatient clinic). This career is all about options — you can find the job–or jobs–that work best for you.

Completing a certified program as a Medical Assistant, from an accredited medical careers college, will assist you with securing a rewarding job in a thriving career. For additional information, on Medical Assistant programs at Valley College of Medical Careers in West Hills, California, please go to

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