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The very first day, that you embark on your course of study at VCMC, our staff begins the process of preparing you for an exciting career in the healthcare field. Throughout your tenure, at VCMC, you will be developing skills that will benefit you when you graduate and then start working at your first job. In the meantime, VCMC will help you focus on the “right” employer, assist you in finding the best opportunities, and help you to present yourself in the most professional light for prospective employers.

If needed, VCMC can also help you to find part-time employment while you are attending classes. (Please ask your VCMC school admissions staff for more details.)

Valley College of Medical Careers maintains a policy of providing job placement assistance for all of its graduates. Placement assistance is a privilege, that we provide, to both current students and graduates who request our assistance and who follow the VCMC guidelines. Valley College of Medical Careers’ job placement assistance is a vital part of our students’ educational process. The Career Services Department, at VCMC, is staffed with full-time placement professionals and offers students/graduates active placement services. Every avenue is pursued, to assist students, in obtaining desirable employment.

VCMC will do everything possible to provide students with the best and most up-to-date job placement opportunities. Prior to externship and job placement, the Career Services Department will instruct and guide students/graduates with career planning, interviewing techniques, resume preparation, job application completion, professional job counseling, professional attire workshops, interview follow-up, networking, and time management skills.

We encourage our graduates to work closely, with our career services department, to achieve their employment goals upon graduation.

Valley College of Medical Careers – Externship Placement

After graduation, wouldn’t you love to have a distinct advantage when you are meeting with potential employers? You can get that extra edge, when you begin your VCMC externship, which is available to all students who are enrolled in our programs prior to graduation.

You can get hands-on experience, and real-world training, as you gain essential knowledge and preparedness and build your confidence in your chosen field — just what employers look for when they hire! Not only does an externship look great on your resume, but you’ll also gain industry experience that will better prepare you for a highly rewarding career in the healthcare field.

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