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I’m a medical assistant student currently doing my extern in a clinic with 3 other MA students from different schools. It was so sad hearing their horrible stories about their school and how bad they were taught. From bad teachers to no teachers at all for months. I’m so glad i made the right decision and enroll to vcmc. All the staff are nice and very knowledgeable. They treat you not just as student, but a family. They really care about their student and make sure you will have all the tools you need to succeed on your chosen career. Especially Mr.U, he is the best. We always complain about his homework and handouts, now i realize that whatever he give us are what we actually need out there. Though his lectures looks a bit hard, but trust me, he is not the type of instructor who would just give hand outs and let you figure it out. He explains every detail and make sure all of us understands it. He makes the class fun at the same and guide us if ever we really can’t understand something (he is very patient). For current students, don’t take Mr.U for granted. Not all schools have an instructor like him who really cares and love his students. And to Mr.U, if ever you read this.. i want to say thank you for all your hardwork and patience!

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