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“I would recommend anyone who is looking to get into the Pharmacy field to take Jerry’s Pharmacy Tech class. You do need to work hard and be proactive. After finishing, I passed both the National and State tests, and was able to find a job right away at Walgreens. Jerry is very understanding and has a way of lecturing topics that help you remember it later on. If you can be determined and can be productive in your own time to study, you will not find it to be too hard. It is easy to slack off, because Jerry is so good-natured, but it all depends on if you really want to succeed. If you are good at memorization, and math (algebra level), I am sure you will succeed. This course is more academia focused I felt, as opposed to the more action-based surgery tech or medical assistant. This field is a fast-growing field, and you have an opportunity to work in a clean and professional environment, with plenty of room to grow. Definitely, what makes this class worthwhile, is Jerry. The best teacher I’ve ever had.”

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