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Medical Assisting – The Field with a Future

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Accidents and illness do not happen, by appointment, and this fact makes healthcare a recession-proof industry. According to the U.S. Government Center for Medicare and Medicaid Studies, healthcare has a $3.3 trillion impact on the economy and represents 17.9 percent of the GDP. The average cost, for medical care in the United States, exceeds $10,000.00, per person, per year.

Given the numbers, it is easy to understand why healthcare is also one of the most robust areas for job growth and that this trend will continue through 2024. For those seeking a job, that offers professional and financial stability, medical assisting is an excellent choice. Jobs, in this field, are outpacing the U.S. economy–in general–and the demand for medical assistants, within the healthcare industry, is up in excess of 20 percent.

Medical Assistants come from all walks of life. It is an ideal option, for individuals entering the workforce for the first time, and for more experienced workers in careers that are currently on the decline. Most medical assistants work at hospitals, and private practices, but they can also be found in continuing care centers, in correctional facilities, and in education.

Medical assisting is a full-time job that involves a myriad of clinical and administrative tasks. According the Nurses Journal, the top five tasks performed by medical assistants include: 1.) Taking patient information and vitals 2.) Preparing laboratory samples 3.) Assisting medical professionals with wound dressing 4.) Administering medication prepared by medical professionals 5.) Preparing schedules for the medical staff

Medical Assistants attend accredited medical career colleges. On average, they will earn their diplomas in ten months, or less, following the successful completion of their coursework and their externship. Medical career colleges, not only provide the technical training required, they can help the students secure financial aid–if needed–and with job placement. To learn more about a career as a medical assistant, please call Valley College of Medical Careers at 818-993-8002 today!

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